Root Touch-Up Kit - Wholesale

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Finally a real solution for that pesky regrowth! Our Touch-Up Kit is the only professional, salon hair touch-up you can do at home. Designed to cover those trouble spots just when you need it.

Touch-up your hairline and part line with an Italian crème formula that's so gentle it doesn't damage your hair. Each kit comes with everything you need for 2 applications so it's there when you need it most. dpHUE color is permanent and provides 100% gray coverage. Goes on easy and extends the time between full hair colors. Don't hide under a hat when your roots pop in - touch them up!

INCLUDES: permanent hair color, hair color developer, disposable mixing bowls, hair color brush, plastic gloves, processing cap and easy to follow instructions. 

CHOOSING YOUR COLOR: Remember this is to touch up your roots and hairline - not for a dramatic color change. We recommend staying within 1 level of your natural color. 

3.0 - Cool Black
4.0 - Black/Brown
5.0 - Dark Brown
6.0 - Medium Brown
7.0 - Dark Blonde
7.01 - Cool Dark Blonde
8.0 - Medium Blonde
8.01 - Cool Medium Blonde